teleshopping on social networks

Dedicated to unusual products, SocialShopping aims to generate a maximum of views… and sales. Launched this summer, it is already shooting 20 million videos viewed per month.

Maxime Barbier, the CEO of Minutebuzz announced it to us last September, the entertainment media for millennials wants to launch new thematic verticals. After Hero (dedicated to cinema, series and video games) and Superbon (food), he therefore tried social shopping with a Facebook page which already brings together more than 1 million fans.

"We launched SocialShopping during the summer after realizing in early 2016 the very high virality of content dedicated to the most original products", explains Maxime Barbier. The founder of the media "100% social and 100% video" is proof of the success of product financing platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, or that of sites like Product Hunt or Insider Design (subsidiary of Business Insider). "The product becomes a viral thing."

It is therefore now a team of 5 people who sift the Web through a sieve to find the most unusual products possible. There are new features, but also some old "nuggets" on sale for years like the sausage guillotine which generated nearly 3 million views.
Promotion magic, Social shopping has no problem getting products, visuals and videos from rights holders who are too happy to advertise their product. When asked about the legal vagueness surrounding the distribution of this kind of product, while the CSA is closely interested in the hidden advertisements of Youtubers, Maxime Barbier defends himself from any problem. "In most cases, these are editorial content. And when the video is part of a 'brand content' approach, we specify it." 10 to 15% of the content should be branded, as is the case with the other verticals of the media. SocialShopping is already flirting with the 20 million videos viewed per month, not so far from its "big brother" Hero who accumulates between 25 and 30 million per month.

So many views…. And how many sales? Each post currently has a video and a link to the product page of the e-commerce giant Amazon. Maxime Barbier does not communicate any figures but ensures that "the first tests are very conclusive in terms of transformation. This is a real issue for merchants because social platforms have won the battle for attention."
Facebook relies heavily on e-commerce

Maxime Barbier cultivates vagueness on the business model. If we can imagine a commission for a business provider for each transaction made on Amazon, as is done in affiliation, he just explains that he tests "several models
On the other hand, it is more discreet about Minutebuzz's ambitions regarding the development of the vertical. The best creation of next year will allow us to spend the overdrive terms of content. SocialShopping currently broadcasts between 2 and 3 videos per day. We can also imagine the synergies that this digital teleshopping can develop with the pioneering program of the genre.